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September 8, 2021

Betting Patterns used by Players in Sic Bo

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Some of the betting patterns players follow in Sic Bo have proved profitable. In this overview, we will highlight some of these patterns and explain how their work. Continue reading to discover how players use betting patterns to improve their odds of winning in the game.

Betting Patterns used by Players in Sic Bo

Popular Betting Patterns in Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an exciting dice game whose origin can be traced to ancient Asia and parts of China. It involves tossing three dice and tabulating the outcome of each toss to determine the winner. With time, plyers outside Asia adopted the game and made a few modifications. Today, Americans play a variation of Sic Bo named “Chuch-a-luck” while Europe has a variation coined “Grand Hazard.”

Although the game is not ranked among the most played casino games, it is among reputable table games in casinos. Developers make a digital version of the game for online casinos, making things easier for any player interested in rolling Sic Bo dice. In light of this, you can play Sic Bo on your phone and compete against other players in a virtual setting.

Sic Bo Betting Options

The basic betting options in the game are small and big bets. For small bets, the player predicts that tossing the dice ends with a sum that includes numbers between 4 and 10. On the other hand, big bet predictions include a sum of the dice between the numbers 11 and 17. Advanced betting options include single dice bets, double dice bets, triple dice bets, and two dice combination bets.

Understanding Casino Betting Patterns

Betting patterns are methods used by experienced players to maximize winnings and minimize losses. For some players, doubling the bet size that follows a loss is their way of ensuring they win back what they have lost. However, that comes with an increased risk of making an even more significant loss if the follow-up play is another loss.

1-3-2-4 Sic Bo Betting Pattern

In this betting pattern, the player adjusts the bet size according to the outcome of previous bets. To actualize this pattern, you start with a bet size of 1 credit. If you win in the first round, raise the next bet to 3 credits. Should you win in the second bet, the third bet should be 2 credits and the subsequent one 4 credits. When you complete the 4-winning play cycle, go back and start all over again. A break in the winning streak also means you should start the pattern from 1 credit again.

1-3-2-6 Sic Bo betting pattern

Players who are willing to play more aggressively use the 1-3-2-6 betting pattern. Similar to the pattern mentioned above, the player adjusts bets according to the outcome of previous bets. In this pattern, players take more risks. On the other hand, winning consecutive rounds leads to lucrative winnings. In a series of lucky rounds, the player can get 12 credits from a 1 credit bet.


Although betting patterns are popular among players, they do not guarantee wins or making back your losses. When starting in Sic Bo, it is better to play for fun and learn all the rules. Luckily, online casinos have fantastic bonuses for Sic Bo players. Furthermore, some casinos allow players to open the game in demo mode. If you land on such a casino, you can practice playing the game without committing any money.

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