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October 6, 2021

Live Sic Bo (Ezugi) Game Review

Aria Williams
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Sic Bo is a well-known casino game loved for its simplicity and high winnings chances. Most renowned game developers have their version of the game. You can find the different variations in the live casinos of many online casinos. Ezugi joined the developers who already have digital versions of Sic Bo with a spectacular addition to their game collection. It comes under the title “Live Sic Bo” and features a unique design.

Live Sic Bo (Ezugi) Game Review

Theme and Graphics

Ezugi is known for specializing in making games that are both easy and fun to play. The interface has a well-labelled button at the top to help you navigate through the game. Eye-catching graphics went into making the table. The dark-red tabletop has golden accents giving the game an authentic Macau vibe. A transparent container shows you where the dice are stored and shaken before they are thrown. The gameplay is action-packed, and you get to see a close-up of the dice as they settle.

How to Play Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a simple game. Following this, the developer chose a simple design as well. There are no side bets or bonus rounds to cloud your mind. All you have to do is pick a table and start playing. Since the game is offered in the live casino, players can join a table at any time of day. In addition, the table accommodates an unlimited number of players.

The game accepts bet sizes as small as $1 and as high as $1,000. This range covers what most casino players spend on bets.

Once the game starts, players have only 20 seconds to place their bets. You can place a bet predicting the outcome of a dice roll will end in the dice showing specific numbers, pairs of numbers, sets of numbers, and more. The lowest paying bet is the Small/Big, which pays in the ratio of 1:1, while the highest bet is the Triple which pays in the ratio of 180:1.

Placing bets in live Sic Bo only requires you to locate the betting options on the left of the screen. After that, select the bets you want to place before the timer runs out.

Player History

The game keeps track of how you play in each session. Outcomes from previous rounds are listed on the left, and the right side has the roadmap. Buttons included on the top right corner open up players’ history, the rules of the game, and settings.


Live Sic Bo is a highly profitable game. If you manage risk by sticking to even money bets such as odd/even, the game pays you an RTP of 97.22%. On risky bets, you can expect 95% RTP, which is equally good.


  • Fair RTP
  • Easy to play
  • Supported on most devices
  • Simple user interface
  • Detailed statistics


  • The game limits players to place bets within 20 seconds.


Ezugi’s design of Live Sic Bo targets beginners and players who like simple games. As such, the player only focuses on play the game. All in all, the game is an excellent addition to the developer’s catalogue.

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