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November 10, 2021

Sic Bo Deluxe (Playtech) Game Review

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Playtech released Sic Bo Deluxe in 2020 to add to the company’s expansive collection of live dealer games. After a successful run with multiple live games in the Quantum series, Playtech to a chance with the new version of Sic Bo that features an Asian theme, a colorful interface, and top-notch features. Get more details of Sic Bo Deluxe in the sections that follow below.

Sic Bo Deluxe (Playtech) Game Review

Sic Bo Deluxe Overview

Playtech likes to add twists into their releases. The 2020 Sic Bo Deluxe came with added chances for players to cash out massive wins. That is an x1000 multiplier which you cannot find on any other variation of Sic Bo. A live dealer controls the game from the developer’s studios in Riga, Latvia. Players get a real-time video stream and interact with the dealer through live chat.

How to Play

When you open the game’s interface, you get a wide-angle view of the well-decorated live studio. The red and gold highlights will make you feel valued like a VIP member of the casino. At the center of the table, there sits the Sic Bo Deluxe dice shaker. Behind the shaker, there sits another in-game participant who comments on the events happening on the table.

The game kicks off with a timed betting session. Here, players make bets based on what they feel the dice outcome. Some of the popular bets include single-number bets, total bets, and combinations. After the betting session ends, six random multipliers are chosen and placed on different numbers. An automated motor then shakes the dice in three pulses. When it stops, the outcome on the face of the dice is recorded. Lastly, the bets get compared to the outcome to declare winners.

Unique Sic Bo Deluxe Features

Sic Bo Deluxe is a unique game that comes with amazing features. Here is a breakdown of the most attractive features:

  1. Autoplay

For players looking to place a series of similar bets, the autoplay feature helps them do so with ease. First, you have to set the bets. Afterward, input the number of bets you want and hit Autoplay. An important point to note here is that your bankroll should be big enough to cover all the bets.

  1. Roadmap and Stats

You can see the outcomes on previous bets when playing Sic Bo Deluxe to help you make more informed plays. There are two sections for this. One shows a traditional roadmap featuring big/small bets, while the second section shows the outcomes of the last ten results.

  1. Display Modes

Playtech developed this game with cross-platform optimization in mind. You can play on small screens found on smartphones and a large screen on a desktop. The game allows you to switch between full display and low-quality mode. We recommend the former for players who have a fast internet connection and the latter for those who have slow Internet.

  1. RTP

Sic Bo is a profitable game. The overall RTP rate stands at 95% to 97.22%


Sic Bo Deluxe brings the fun of multipliers to a game that has a quick gameplay sequence. Therefore, players get the best of both worlds. We urge you to try playing the game today in an online casino that gets games from Playtech.

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